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About us

Property Hunters is born with a simple goal: to help people make good property investments.

Two of our founders (see who we are below) are expats who lived and worked in the US and several European countries. Let’s say it straight: we were shocked by the property purchase process in Malta. It is nebulous and difficult to navigate. There are almost no statistics on, well, anything. Property prices and purchase fees are arbitrary and, often, shrouded in mystery. We were surprised to find not a single agency representing buyers – buyer’s agencies exist in every country we know.

How is a property buyer in Malta supposed to make an informed decision on what is a good investment? They are left to trust their instincts, the salespeople, the rumours, the newspapers. In 2011, panicked developers were selling garages for 6000 euros apiece. Now they ask 20000 euros for the same spots. What is the fair price?

Trust is one part of any good investment. The other half is knowledge. Our mission is to bring knowledge and fair dealing to the Maltese property market. We align our economic interests with our clients’ so there is no doubt for whom we fight.

We bring a proven pricing model that ensures we work for our clients, we save them money, and they get the best investment for their money. Only then do we, ourselves, make money. And we are not afraid to tell you not to buy, or to wait. Like any good friend, a good adviser must speak both “yes” and “no”.

What experience do we bring our clients? The experience of twenty years of property sales in several countries. What knowledge do we give our clients? The knowledge that comes from doing market research for billion dollar companies, and from building data solutions for some of the largest media and financial companies in the world. Find us a competitor in Malta who can claim the same, and we’ll take you out for dinner. It’s on us. (We won’t try to sell you a penthouse while you eat).

We support property buyers every step of the way, and when there is something we cannot do (we have an architect on staff, but we don’t have a notary, for example) we introduce you to the best. How do you know you can trust us? Because we don’t take kickbacks from anyone.

Would you like us on your side? Contact us. Would you like to work with us? Contact us, too!

The Founders

Jeremy Cassar

Jeremy is a real estate professional as well as Managing Director at Property Hunters. Jeremy brings experience in negotiating dozens of deals, and management experience from retail ventures in Malta.

Why pay more for the same property?

Property Hunters offers the lowest commission of any full service agency in Malta.

We are the only ones to offer thousands of euros in cashback when you purchase a property though us (even the developers themselves won't give you this!).

In a nutshell? If you buy the same property from someone else, it will cost you more.

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