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Whether you are planning to buy finished property or a renovation project, architectural services are a part of any successful property investment:

  • An architect or structural engineer can advise on the state, potential and existing flaws in a property
  • A qualified professional can provide an accurate value estimate of the property value and of any building work necessary to bring it up to the level you wish
  • Any renovation or alteration work that requires planning needs to be submitted for approval by a qualified architect

We are pleased to offer pre-purchase inspections, valuation reports and planning application services through qualified local architects.

Common questions about Architectural Services

Can I expect an independent architect to give a different valuation from the bank's architect?

For the purpose of obtaining a mortgage, your bank will require an architect’s report, including a property valuation. This will be done properly – the bank does not want to lose money any more than you do.


However, your own architect will take a different angle. It is key for you to understand the appreciation and yield potential of the property, the likely developments in the neighbourhood and other factors that can impact your investment. An independent architect at your service can best ensure you get the right information.

Can you help me get work estimates from builders?

Yes, absolutely. We can discuss your needs, summarise them so that quotes can be provided, and refer them to reputable companies that will compete for your business. The cheapest quote is not necessarily the best, and that is when our experience with different builders comes into play.

What is the planning application process and how can you help me?

By all means. Our founders have extensive experience in long and short term lets, and can therefore advise on likely yields on investment properties, as well as potential capital appreciation.

Further, we have our own proprietary market data – which you get access to as a client of Property Hunters.

With experience and data, we are able to advise you on potential return for your investment.

How do you handle negotiations with tradesmen?

We handle negotiations with discretion, protecting the circumstances and identities of the buyers. We leverage the buyer’s strengths when we can (for instance if the buyer is not in a hurry to have the work done, or is flexible with the type of material required). No services are signed up for before you’ve had a chance to review quotes (several quotes, possibly) from reputable businesses. Remember: we make money when you save money, time and effort.

How do you get paid for architectural and related consulting services?

Our fees are very transparent. You will know them upfront before we are engaged for our services.

Having been on the other side of the table, we hate we get a quote from a professional, and the final invoice is a completely different amount (and never lower, we wonder why?). For this reason, we give transparent and firm quotes for our services.


We charge a small retainer fee when a client signs us up (this is to ensure there is commitment on both sides) and we charge hourly rates for some extra services such as architectural services, negotiation with tradesmen etc. Even in those cases, we quote for the additional services ahead of time. If there are changes in scope, we agree on the change in price beforehand.


I'd like to renovate an old property. What typical issues should I be on the lookout for?

Good question, very complex answer.


Generally speaking, the construction techniques in old Maltese properties are quite unique and likely to be unfamiliar to a foreign buyer. Some of the typical features that need to triple-checked for issues include the extensively-used wooden beams and arches, the coating of stone with lime-based mortar, and the use of stone slabs (xorok) across beams for ceilings.


This last feature in particular – stone slab ceilings – is a joy to look at and a problem if not been looked after properly. To this we should add a number of humidity-related conditions – leaky roofs, poor insulation – that seem minor at first glance but with potentially tragic consequences. It is a good idea to go through a checklist of typical issues, and even better, to have a professional do an inspection.

Why is it important to have an expert inspect the property? Does the seller not give a warranty against defects?

Will you get a warranty? Yes and no.

If you purchase a property for renovation, the contract is likely to include a clause such as the following:

Provided that as the Property is old and the Purchaser shall be doing some structural alterations, the Vendors are not giving warranty for latent defects. Property is being sold and accepted in the structural state it is today.

In a nutshell, no warranty on old properties.

For a newbuild, the contract of sale may include a warranty for a period, and the developer certainly has a responsibility to have carried out the works with skill, diligence and care. However, if a defect is discovered, it will be up to you to ensure the warranty is respected. And it can quickly become a blamestorming game between you and the vendor.

Better make sure everything looks good before you fork over your money. Get a professional to inspect the property.

Why pay more for the same property?

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We are the only ones to offer thousands of euros in cashback when you purchase a property though us (even the developers themselves won't give you this!).

In a nutshell? If you buy the same property from someone else, it will cost you more.

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