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Every property purchase is different.

You may be buying a property in Malta or Gozo as your main residence, or as a holiday retreat. You may be looking for an investment property that will provide you with yield and capital appreciation in the years to come. In all cases, you will want to get a good deal.

There is only one moment when you are in full control of your property investment: it is the day you buy.

After you sign the contract, the development of the market, the state of the economy and many other factors you can’t control – no one can! – will determine how good an investment you made. One mistake can mean years of waiting for your investment to get back to even. This is why it is crucial to seek professional advice as you make one of the most important financial decisions of your life.

Saving money, time and effort.

Acquiring the best property for your money and needs is a time-consuming and expensive effort. Our clients approach us to access the entire market offering (including off-market properties!), be introduced to reputable tradesmen and legal professionals, and get a good deal. For our services we charge very transparent fees.

Our services before, during, and after a property purchase


  • We discuss your needs and the state of the market
  • We search, filter and send you the best properties on (and off) the market
  • We estimate the fair value of properties you are interested in
  • We organise viewings (or view on your behalf if you are abroad)


  • Once you decide on a property (or properties), we negotiate on your behalf
  • We can organise inspections by architects and structural engineers
  • You have complete understanding of transaction costs, taxes and other considerations before the contract is signed


  • If the property requires renovation, we can help you obtain the appropriate planning permission
  • We can introduce you and get estimates from reputable tradesmen (remember we do not get kickbacks – a golden rule of transparency that not everyone follows)
Why pay more for the same property?

Property Hunters offers the lowest commission of any full service agency in Malta.

We are the only ones to offer thousands of euros in cashback when you purchase a property though us (even the developers themselves won't give you this!).

In a nutshell? If you buy the same property from someone else, it will cost you more.

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