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What does “cashback” mean?

“Commission is paid by the seller?” Not so.

Let us finally dispel the myth that the seller pays the agency commission. It’s always the buyers that pay the fees. For example, if a seller wants 100k for their property the ‘ prominent agencies’ add their big (5.9%) commission fees to the price, and advertise the property for 106K. Often buyers are not even
aware of these charges until they go to sign the contract at the notary.

We charge much less than our competitors

We charge 3% plus VAT and we believe in complete transparency. Our fee is nearly half of what our large competitors charge. So you get the same property for less.

Cashbacks are good for you

We call the guaranteed savings you get by purchasing with us versus the large agencies, “cashback”. This is money that is left in your pocket after you purchase the property. Why would you pay more for the same property?

Property Hunters offers the lowest commission of any full service agency in Malta. We work with the buyers to negotiate the best price, even if it means less commission for us. Happy customers spread the word.

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